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Monday, August 07, 2006

The first day

I came to Maryland with our colleague (7 male students, 13 female students and a professor) for study.

When we arrived at the Washington airport, we were very tired because we had finished a long journey from Japan.

After we arrived at the airport, we met the mentors and professors who help our study tour and we went to the University of Maryland.

Then we had a dinner at restaurant near university. I ate pasta. It was very nice.

Before I went to bed, we had worked in the university. I was surprised the size of the university. It is very big and there are many libraries, buildings and even theater.

I hope our study tour will be successful.

The second day

It was very hot day.We did do orientation for this study tour.

We went to the museum in the library.

After we had a lunch, we played with mentors (played bowling and billiards).

We had a nice time.

At the night, we went to famous sandwich shop and ate sandwiches and we watched a movie “accepted”. I guess it was funny movie because everyone was laughing. But, I couldn’t understand.

We enjoyed the second day very much.


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